Monitor Associates

Monitor Associates, Inc. is a small, woman-owned, economically disadvantaged business which specializes in individual and organizational capacity development.  Monitor offers services based on singular insights into how to develop collaborative leadership skills that increase both human and institutional performance.  Its areas of expertise include assisting and accelerating leadership development, demystifying organizational evolution
and facilitating change.

Monitor knows that individual and organizational capacity development must be more than a single “training.”  Training is an event; individual and organizational capacity development is a systematic process.  It is ongoing, based on the needs of the organization and the individuals within it, requires frequent measurement and evaluation, and must offer multiple types of performance solutions.  Consequently, Monitor Associates offer both long-term professional and organizational development programs as well as “one-shot” trainings aimed at addressing performance gaps related to skills and knowledge.

Monitor has developed a successful program that is competency based and is a balanced combination of classroom content, experiential group oriented exercises, behavioral assessments and 360 degree feedback, observation and written evaluative feedback, executive developmental coaching and performance based learning activities.

Monitor Associates customize programs based on the needs of the organization and participants and concentrate on:

· Elevating the participant’s leadership capability;

·                  Helping participants reflect and recognize their existing and high potential strengths, while increasing their awareness of areas requiring personal and professional development;

·                  Creating an environment that enhances feedback and allows for the critical personal reflection necessary for individual  leadership (or personal) development and organizational efficiency;

·                  Helping participants recognize organizational impediments to efficiency and evolution; and

·                  Building realistic individual and organizational development goals and objectives with an emphasis on the value of an organizational culture and personal lifestyle that includes and encourages continued learning.

Monitor can provide the answer to the question “Are you prepared to deal with the complex challenges facing current executives, managers, supervisors and employees in today’s ambiguous, rapidly changing and declining resource environment?”  

Monitor Associates


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